Reasons to consider placing a wind turbine on your land

Pollution and Global Warming are two of the biggest issues that should be addressed by humanity as soon as possible. In order to lessen the threats of pollution and global warming, people should switch from traditional energy sources to safe and renewable energy. Wind power is one of the safest sources of energy, thus the construction of wind turbines in many areas across the globe.

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Common Ground – the Advantages of Community Farming

With the growth of farmed produce over the last century, brought into demand by the needs of ever-expanding multi-national companies, it has become easy for us as a worldwide population to become detached from the processes of farming. Since the mid-1960s cereal production has increased worldwide by almost a billion tonnes. The nearest many of us get to agricultural experience these days is Farmville...

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Environmentally Friendly Electronics?

One of the main concerns for the environment is how each of use lives our day to day life and the effect we have on the planet around us. Whilst industry is a much bigger worry for the environment, if we do not do anything ourselves, it can easily become just as big a problem. Taking care of the environment at a personal level is very important – recycling, saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint are all things that we should be doing.

Eco electronics

Meet your Eco Garage

Sometimes having a garage is a godsend. It saves de-icing your car every morning in the winter, and stops damage from weather, other cars and other hazards. What’s also nice about a garage is that you can store something for as long as you want without the hassle of renting somewhere. Some houses come with the space for a garage with the lack of garage in this useful space, and this is where it’s a terrific idea to invest in modular storage buildings and the result they have as a garage.

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Adding Personality to Your Home

Our homes are our own personal space, our chance to express our values and personality that make us who we are. No matter where you live or how much space you have there should always be a bit of space for you to call your own and decorate accordingly. This guide is designed to help you make the most of your available space and give you some ideas to inspire your decor and hopefully rejuvenate your home. A simple yet effective way to add a bit of personality to your home is by displaying posters and prints.

Living Room

Recent Updates

Is Your Business Changing The World?

Climate change is a growing concern for everybody, businesses and individuals alike. An Oxfam report released last month stated that the top 10 food and drinks companies contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway combined – and they, alongside other businesses, must do more to cut emissions.

Although some people still deny the reality of climate change, scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated the effect we have on the world. A study by NASA earlier this year showed that the arctic ice melt season is lengthening, and the ocean is warming up, something which could cause serious issues for the future, and we are increasingly seeing extreme weather conditions in all seasons. Therefore, it is vital that everyone – business owners and individuals alike – focus on their environmental impact and the ways in which they are changing the world.

Vicious Circles

airconWarmer summers caused by climate change mean that air conditioning is increasingly becoming vital in providing a comfortable workplace for employees; however the use of such systems, whilst providing immediate relief, also has an environmental impact which must be considered. If you need to provide cooling for your staff, it’s important to make sure that you have an efficient system and that you use it effectively, to provide the maximum comfort and the minimum environmental impact. Consult with experts, such as Heritage Heating & Cooling who offer industrial air conditioning services in Nottingham, and make sure that you have a suitable high-efficiency system which is in good repair and running at the right efficiency.

Because climate change is affecting our environment, and we need to control that environment to create a comfortable and acceptable working environment, it will often not be possible to avoid vicious circles like this entirely. However, where your emissions cannot be eliminated, it’s vital that you take steps like this to ensure that they are reduced.

Indirect Impact

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comWhen considering your carbon footprint, it’s important to consider not only your direct impact but also your indirect impact. For example, water treatment uses a lot of energy and creates its own emissions, but while climate change may cause drier summers it can also give us wetter winters. By harvesting the rainwater that falls on your business’ property and storing it in suitably robust GRP tanks, which will protect it from bacteria growth and keep it at a usable standard, you’ll have a store of water in the summer which can be used for a range of applications, meaning that treated water can be used more sparingly.

By considering the entirety of your supply chain and services in the same way, and identifying ways in which you can step in to reduce your reliance on carbon-heavy processes, you can reduce your business’ impact significantly.

No single individual business will be able to make the changes needed to slow or prevent climate change by themselves, but if every business, small or large, works to reduce their own impact where they can, we may yet be able to guarantee a safe future for generations to come.

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Re-Using is Key to Eco Renovation

Humans all over the world are waking up to the fact that, as a species, we live in an unsustainable manner. The vast dependence on finite resources, the throw-away culture; none of it can be sustained permanently, and a breaking point is sure to come at some point in the not-so-far off future. Now this is no harbinger of the end of the world, but simply the world as we know it. Humans are incredibly resourceful, and many are already working on ways to rid us of our dependence on fossil fuels.

land fillOne factor that remains though is the throw away culture in which an item is disposed of, not because it is broken, but simply because it is not needed right now. One way in which we can all individually combat this is to re-use and re-purpose those things that would otherwise be thrown away. Furniture is one of the most expensive items that we buy, and yet many still see them as disposable items and regularly replace them. There are several ways to repurpose your fittings and ensure that less of it finds its way to a landfill.

A great way is to simply spruce it up; whether it’s a loose table leg or a tattered chair, it is a simple and rewarding undertaking to fix this furniture yourself. Simply tightening the fixings or replacing them is a cheap way to get them back to working condition. If it is the aesthetic of these items that is worse for wear, or they are simply no longer attractive, then why not re-finish or recover them? Purchasing a vibrant and fun replacement fabric from Sew Scrumptious can give those old fashioned chairs a new lease of life and make them a real design feature.

If you are looking to buy new furniture rather than replace it, then there are several suppliers out there that are committed to responsibly sourcing the materials they use. This approach creates some truly interesting pieces. For example, create beautiful pieces such as their storytelling chairs. With hugely attractive pieces being made from 100% reclaimed and repurposed materials, it helps you to know that you are doing your part to lessen waste.recycled table

For those that are not overly practical, the idea of rejuvenating their furnishings can be daunting; and indeed there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals. Repair specialists and French polishers will be able to breathe fresh life into your ageing and damaged items. Many will even help to customise your furnishings, and work with you to get something truly special from those items that have lost their appeal.

When you next come to renovate your home why not try to re-purpose old stuff and buy from responsible suppliers? This will ensure that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your home is that little bit more friendly to its surroundings.

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Environmentally Friendly Farming

In the UK farming takes up to 74% of land and has a massive impact on the environment each year. Britain’s beautiful farmland has shaped the landscape making it picturesque. Unfortunately, industrial agriculture on large scales has also caused a substantial amount of damage to the British countryside such as water pollution, soil erosion and, the habitats of wildlife. The cause of most of these problems has been the overuse of poisonous pesticides and incredibly intensive farming techniques. As a farmer it is important to be as environmentally friendly as possible, here are a couple of aspects to take into consideration. So how can you ensure an environmentally friendly farm?

Avoid Pesticides

Pesticides can cause a great amount of problems for wildlife that live naturally in the countryside. You can prevent this problem by ‘going organic’ and avoiding using artificial chemical fertilisers. Not only will this work to protect the environment, your produce will be of a much higher value. To legally become an ‘organic farmer’ you need to be certified by organic inspection and certification bodies. The Soil Association can provide you with all the information you need to know about how to become an organic farmer.

Keeping Live Stock

One of the largest problems for farmers is keeping their animals well fed throughout winter. Buying produce to feed livestock when plants and crops are not in abundance can be incredibly expensive and also cause a lot of refuse. Farmers can avoid this by using and creating their own silage; this is a natural product that is created in essence by pickling grass. RE Buildings are leading providers of agricultural buildings including both open and closed silage clamps.

Specialists such as BCW Agriculture, have seen a rise in farmers taking advantage of their services throughout Wales. Farm specialists can assist you if you want to maximise the potential of your farm with advice on crop production and animal health. Keep your animals in good health with dairy hygiene products.

Eco-friendly Equipment

Another way to ensure that your farm is eco friendly is by using certified, environmentally friendly farmland equipment such as the Grassland Aerators that require minimum horsepower from Ritchie Agricultural. Where possible you should always try to use eco friendly fuel, understandably as a farmer you need your machinery to be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

If you’re farming on a budget, you can always choose to purchase used farm machinery. This decreases the demand for new machines to be made, therefore saving energy, and it means that older or unwanted machines are re-used instead of being scrapped or left to degrade. Cornthwaite Agricultural source and supply used tractors and combine harvesters in good condition. If you have a used combine that you wish to get rid of, instead of scrapping it, Cornthwaite can purchase it off you and therefore the vehicle parts aren’t wasted or damage the environment during decomposition.

Going green is incredibly important to modern day farming; it not only keeps Britain’s picturesque aesthetic, it provides high quality produce that has a higher value – especially of you choose to go organic.

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How to Make the Most of The Government’s Green Deal

Over the last few years, conserving both warmth and energy within the home has become considerably more important, with the possibility of saving homeowners a significant amount of money. We are constantly bombarded through the media about the necessity of monitoring and yet a recent article in The Guardian (which can be found here) stresses that despite the Green Deal package being offered to homeowners for free, barely anyone is considering the resources presented to them. Look carefully at these three methods of reducing your energy bills in your house through the use of the Green Deal, and if you aren’t already benefiting from them, ask yourself why not.

Insulation – Both cavity wall and loft insulation are being presented as part of the Green Deal package, and as a result have the potential to be completed for a fraction of the price through their Cashback scheme.  It is estimated that homeowners with an un-insulated loft could be spending up to an unnecessary £175 per year on energy bills that could have been avoided. Insulation Installers, found here, are a directory company who are promoting the Green Deal, by ensuring that all of their listers can provide further information on the funding scheme available and make you as the customer aware of the grants available. With homeowners able to save up to an amazing 33% on their energy bills, it seems like madness that the country isn’t springing into action.

Double Glazing – Similarly to insulation, double glazing is a preventative way of dropping your energy costs by reducing the amount of energy wasted through ill fitted or maintained windows. Many homeowners convince themselves that their double glazing is perfectly sufficient, but if you’re experiencing window panes that are misted, full of condensation or broken, you could be throwing away a significant amount of money. Locks Express are a company who specialise in restoring, changing and boarding windows, as well as lock repairs, and can offer you expert advise on your current double glazing, or having double glazing installed for the first time. As a family run company they are aware of the importance of keeping your family home warm and saving money where possible. Their website can be found here.

Solar Panels – The vast majority of you reading this will have heard about the possibility of having solar panels installed on your house for a reduced amount, but have still refused. The benefits of having solar panels include the eco-friendly repercussions, solar panels produce zero carbon emissions and are sourced from 100% renewable and unlimited raw materials, are completely noise free, and eventually can earn you money via the energy produced. Evo Energy, whose website is here, offer information on the panels they install and help you to judge if your home is suitable for installation. The range of testimonials on their website provides reassurance and highlights the wealth of their expertise, from businesses to the family home.

The amount of support the government is offering homeowners as part of the Green Deal package is encouraging, and whether you consider yourself to be an eco warrior or not, their positive impact on the climate change issues are not ignorable. For more information on how the Green Deal works and how you as a homeowner can benefit, visit the GOV.UK webpage by clicking here.

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Make Your Home A Green One

We are all too aware of the negative impacts we have created and caused to the environment and action is being taken throughout the world in every country to try to reduce and slow down the damage we are doing. If it is happening on a global scale, you can do your part too in your home by making small alterations that will benefit you, your pocket, and the environment.

  • Turn off the lights – it will save you an electricity bill and it will save the environment. We waste an awful amount of electricity year in and year out simply by leaving a light switch on. Change your light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs to reduce costs and do your bit for the environment.
  • Solar Panels – saving energy is essential in your home for both you and the environment. Installing solar panels allows you to harness energy from the sun as a natural source, rather than using gas and oil to heat our homes. As Solar panels are powered by rays from the sun; you are not wasting any non-renewable materials as the panels are simply affixed to your roof. Check out to get solar panels installed and begin saving energy.
  •  Use your tap water – people are under the illusion that tap water is damaging to our health and bottled water is in fact a better option. Studies show that bottled water is more harmful than tap water and it is in fact drastically damaging the environment due to the plastic bottle wastage. It is understandable that you may need a bottle of water while you are out but invest in one good, reusable plastic water bottle and fill it form the tap. If you are still concerned about tap water, buy a water filter and fill the bottle from it. Check out for some shocking facts about bottled water and the companies they come from.
  • Use your recycling bins – here in the UK, we have all been provided with recycling bins to improve as a nation our environment and waste habits. Get involved and use the recycling bin you have been provided with. A few minutes out of your day to separate waste to the correct bin will help the environment dramatically if everyone does it together. It will reduce the waste in landfill sites or the waste that is incinerated, therefore reducing toxic waste going into the atmosphere. In addition, the recyclable items can then be reused which is more cost effective for us and beneficial to the environment. Remember that plastic bottle you chucked into the recycling bin? That’s now a new plastic bottle or plastic bag because you recycled it. Check out for advice on recycling and see the progress that we have already made.
  • Green cleaning products – the cleaning products that you clean your home with everyday are in fact bad for the environment. This is something that we do not think about or consider when it comes to the environment because it is essential and they do such a fantastic job. But this is only on the surface, the chemicals in our everyday cleaning products are more harmful than good. When they are washed away or sprayed into the air, the harmful chemicals go through or drains and into rivers damaging the wildlife of the rivers and surrounding areas. The chemicals also release toxins into the air, although small, they still overall are a contributing factor to the damage of the environment. Check out, which is a brand that makes and sells only environmentally friendly cleaning products. They have no harmful chemicals therefore, they are completely safe and friendly to use. If you do not want to buy environmentally friendly cleaning products, making your own is always an option and they work just as well.

These are only 5 small steps you can take to helping the environment, but a little help is better than no help at all, so take a look around your home and consider what steps you can take to make your home, a green one.


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